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Let’s face it.  We’re all busy people.  With families, full-time jobs, and other important commitments, we want to do whatever we can to put our rental property business on autopilot.  

The great part about running a real estate investing business is that much of it can be automated, and that includes collecting online rent payments.  

If you’re still running around town picking up rent checks, or waiting for them to come in the mail, please promise me you’ll stop right away.  

Collecting electronic online rent payments is the way to go, and it makes owning rental property much more enjoyable.  To do this though, you need to saddle up with the best online rent payment service in town.

Buildium: best online rent payment service

While there are a number of products on the market that allow you to collect online rent payments, I highly recommend Buildium.  

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About four years ago, when I first started investing in real estate, at the point I reached property number two, I knew I needed to get organized and automate my real estate business as soon as possible.  

The reason is I wanted to scale my real estate business quickly, but I also had a family, a full-time job, and another side business.  Needless to say, real estate investing wasn’t my full-time gig.

So, I needed a software that could automate as much of my real estate business as possible.  I looked at a few different products, but they were either too expensive, or didn’t offer all the features I was looking for.  Then I found Buildium. With Buildium, I was able to scale my real estate business to forty rental properties in two years.

Buildium features I love

Buildium offers a lot of great features.  Here are four of my favorites.

#1 Online Rent Payments

I think Buildium offers the best online rent payment service.  Tenants receive their own online portal where they login and make rent payments by credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Also, you never have to manually enter rent charges as they are handled automatically.  Buildium makes collecting online rent payments completely hands-off.

#2 Price

Buildium is also very affordable.  Plans start at just $45/mo., and with the time you save by using the software, trust me, its more than worth it.  You can try Buildium risk-free (no credit card required) by activating a 15-day free trial.  

#3 Find quality tenants

Forget manually listing your rental property on different sites one-by-one.  Create your listing once in Buildium, and Buildium will push your listing out to major real estate sites within minutes.  For me, that’s all the marketing I do, and I’ve had no problem keeping my properties rented.

tenant screening services for landlords

#4 Tenant Screening

Getting back to the topic-at-hand.  Buildium’s tenant screening is fantastic.  Buildium works with Transunion Smartmove to ensure you get a full credit report (with credit score), criminal history, and any prior evictions.

Final thoughts

As a real estate investor, your time is valuable, and you want to do whatever you can to make your rental property business as seamless as possible.  Collecting online rent payments is one way to free up time, and stay organized. Let Buildium help you do that by starting a 15-day free trial today!

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