Can a landlord show a house while it’s occupied?

can a landlord show a house while it's occupied

Can a landlord show a house while it’s occupied? The quick answer to this question is “yes” a landlord can show a house while it’s occupied. As someone who has shown quite a number of houses occupied by tenants, here are a few things I’ve learned that I think you’ll benefit from.

Tip #1: Give plenty of notice (at least what the law requires)

Giving the tenant notice that you or someone else (like a real estate agent) will be showing the property is not just the right thing to do, it’s also usually what the law requires.  To understand what notice your state requires, click here.

Tip #2: Provide tenant with an incentive

Remember, your tenant has zero incentive to cooperate with your showing requests apart from staying on your good side.  I’ve found that offering tenants a small rent credit for every showing gives them a reason to be responsive and accommodating.

Tip #3: Always show appreciation

A little bit of appreciation really goes a long way.  You’d be surprised at how far a simple “please” and “thank you” will go.  This is a good life principle to follow; not just with tenants.

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Final thoughts

While it’s perfectly fine to show your occupied rental property, there are certainly advantages to waiting for the property to be vacant before showing the property to potential buyers or tenants.  

Showing a vacant property is easier, more appealing for the person seeing the property, and less awkward. Also, it’s much easier for someone to envision them and their family living in the property when they’re not staring at someone else’s stuff.

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