best property management software for small landlords

Even if you’re just starting out with a single rental property, start using property management software.  It will make your life so much easier in so many ways (which I’ll be discussing here). Furthermore, the cost of subscribing to property management software will more than pay for itself in the time that it saves you.  

So, what is the best property management software for small landlords?

If you’re a small landlord, whether you’re just managing your own rental properties or other people’s properties, I strongly suggest Buildium.  I personally started using Buildium when I only had two rental properties, and now, four years later, I’m still using Buildium to help me manage my growing real estate portfolio.  Let’s talk about a few things I love about Buildium.

Free Trial & Pricing

Buildium offers a 15-day free trial with pricing starting at $45/mo.  I promise you that $45/mo. is worth it even if you just have a single rental property.

Online rental applications

With Buildium, you can create your own online rental applications easily.  You can embed them on your website or simply email/text the application link to interested prospects.

FREE Real Estate Investing Checklist.  Instant Access.

Applicants also have the ability to pay the application fee electroncially.  Once completed, the application is emailed to you for your review.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening with Buildium is fantastic.  Within minutes, you can have access to an applicants credit, eviction and criminal history allowing you to make a quick, yet informed, decision on whether or not to approve them.

Collect Rent Payments Online

Buildium makes collecting rent payments seamless.  Once you approve an applicant, they get access to their own tenant portal where they can access their lease ledger, view their balance due and make online rent payments.  

Advertise your rental properties

We all know that to attract quality tenants, our rental properties need to be promoted online. There are many great sites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, etc where you can list your rental property for free.  However, imagine all the time it would take to manually create listings on each of those sites?  

Well, Buildium saves you time!  Create your listing once, and Buildium will syndicate your rental property to major real estate sites for maximum exposure.

advertise rental properties


Maintenance request tracking

Having maintenance requests coming in by phone, text and email can be chaotic.  With Buildium’s built-in maintenance request tracking feature, you can kiss the chaos good-bye.

Check out their reviews

Again, I’m a long-standing customer of Buildium’s, and although I love the software, so do many other property managers.  However, don’t take my word for it.  Their reviews speak for themselves.

Buildium Reviews




Final thoughts

You might think that not subscribing to a property management software saves you a few bucks every month, but think of the added time you’d spent promoting your property, tracking expenses, receiving applications, screening applicants among other responsibilities that property management software can automate for you?

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